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  1. Photo of Gary Trousdale

    Gary Trousdale Director

  2. Photo of Kirk Wise

    Kirk Wise Director

  3. Photo of Don Hahn

    Don Hahn Producer

  4. Photo of Kendra Halland

    Kendra Halland Producer

  5. Photo of Tab Murphy

    Tab Murphy Screenplay

  6. Photo of David Reynolds

    David Reynolds Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michael J. Fox

    Michael J. Fox Cast

  8. Photo of Corey Burton

    Corey Burton Cast

  9. Photo of Claudia Christian

    Claudia Christian Cast

  10. Photo of James Garner

    James Garner Cast

  11. Photo of John Mahoney

    John Mahoney Cast

  12. Photo of Phil Morris

    Phil Morris Cast

  13. Photo of Leonard Nimoy

    Leonard Nimoy Cast

  14. Photo of Don Novello

    Don Novello Cast

  15. Photo of Jacqueline Obradors

    Jacqueline Obradors Cast

  16. Photo of Florence Stanley

    Florence Stanley Cast

  17. Photo of David Ogden Stiers

    David Ogden Stiers Cast

  18. Photo of Natalie Strom

    Natalie Strom Cast

  19. Photo of Cree Summer

    Cree Summer Cast

  20. Photo of Jim Varney

    Jim Varney Cast

  21. Photo of Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings Cast

  22. Photo of Ellen Keneshea

    Ellen Keneshea Editing

  23. Photo of Matt Codd

    Matt Codd Production Design

  24. Photo of Ricardo F. Delgado

    Ricardo F. Delgado Production Design

  25. Photo of Jim Martin

    Jim Martin Production Design

  26. Photo of Mike Mignola

    Mike Mignola Production Design

  27. Photo of James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard Music

  28. Photo of Akeime Mitterlehner

    Akeime Mitterlehner Costume Design

  29. Photo of Alison M. Schmidt

    Alison M. Schmidt Costume Design

  30. Photo of Kirk Wise

    Kirk Wise Screenplay

  31. Photo of Gary Trousdale

    Gary Trousdale Screenplay

  32. Photo of Joss Whedon

    Joss Whedon Screenplay

  33. Photo of Bryce Zabel

    Bryce Zabel Screenplay

  34. Photo of Jackie Zabel

    Jackie Zabel Screenplay