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  1. Aur Ora B's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    Poignant and very good – delivers so much in 15 minutes

  2. belemir's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  3. chanandre's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    That was a beautiful short indeed. Loved the trick of the mad dog scaring the sickly cow so much that she'd stand up and lick the salty 'fur' of the new born calf. Very cute indeed. And the kid whistling and everyone ducking 'cause they thought they were falling bombs? Lol. Within the horror of war - humor, hope and humanism. Liked that.

  4. damone88's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    WOW. "Black quirkyness" from the siege of Sarajevo. A 15min. short with suspense, humour and heart.

  5. jelenav's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  6. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    Nice short, maybe a metaphor of hope, resilience and solidarity in times when we need it most.

  7. Bilan's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    great short! beautiful story and pictures

  8. Panayiota Liouliou's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    For me, this film was one of the most considerate uses of what I’m assuming is an allegorical vignette about the nuanced emotions one feels when surrounded by warfare. This momentary glimpse into several characters being affected by the the siege of Sarajevo carries so much weight. Stefan’s attention to the various nuanced emotions and elements of his story world is staggeringly astute.

  9. jamshid's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    Watched it ten years ago in a short film festival and its deep warm impact never left me in these years. Look for it everywhere and finally got it on mubi

  10. TafollaMX's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  11. David R Williams's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  12. Daria's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    Beautiful! Even teared up a little.

  13. johnny carr's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  14. Casanorte's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    Sencillamente precioso y conmovedor, excelentes 15 minutos

  15. muse_x's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  16. msmichel's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    A worthy Golden Bear winner that succinctly delivers an allegory on finding humanity and grace in even the most challenging of circumstances. Birth in the most deep recesses of death.

  17. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    This is an excellent short film. It's brilliance relies on putting together several elements of one same situation. The unusual situation itself may provoke some fun amusement for the unexpected scenario, and also some reflection depending on the approach you gonna take whether it's the bombs of war, the ingenious vet or the cow's.

  18. Rohan Berry's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    In times of conflict many filmmakers reach for the sentimentalised allegory. This heavy-handed piece sees cows, mad dogs and choristers all playing their part in the continuation of life, even amidst a warzone. The titular condition hints at the twisted nature of the Balkans conflict. This feels very much like one of those prestige projects tailor-made for a middle-class, film festival public.

  19. dudewiththeface's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  20. xrystyna's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  21. Prabodh's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  22. James C's rating of the film (A)Torzija

  23. SueRay's rating of the film (A)Torzija

    Brought a tear to my eye!

  24. Max Seqgar's rating of the film (A)Torzija

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