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  1. Photo of Gilles Groulx

    Gilles Groulx Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Joseph Rouleau

    Joseph Rouleau Cast

  3. Photo of Charles E. Trudeau

    Charles E. Trudeau Cast

  4. Photo of René Racine

    René Racine Cast

  5. Photo of Françoise Berd

    Françoise Berd Cast

  6. Photo of Christiane Alarie

    Christiane Alarie Cast

  7. Photo of Marie-France Lamoureux

    Marie-France Lamoureux Cast

  8. Photo of Michèle Mercure

    Michèle Mercure Cast

  9. Photo of Danielle Schneider

    Danielle Schneider Cast

  10. Photo of Gaston Lepage

    Gaston Lepage Cast

  11. Photo of Richard Gauthier

    Richard Gauthier Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Bouchard

    Michel Bouchard Cast

  13. Photo of Maurice Brossard

    Maurice Brossard Cast

  14. Photo of Omer Durenceau

    Omer Durenceau Cast

  15. Photo of Jack Fisher

    Jack Fisher Cast

  16. Photo of Raymond Poulin

    Raymond Poulin Cast

  17. Photo of Al Rochman

    Al Rochman Cast

  18. Photo of Dennis Sawyer

    Dennis Sawyer Cast

  19. Photo of Lester Sayer

    Lester Sayer Cast

  20. Photo of Richard Grenier

    Richard Grenier Cast

  21. Photo of Michel Mailhot

    Michel Mailhot Cast

  22. Photo of Alain Boucher

    Alain Boucher Cast

  23. Photo of Alain Dostie

    Alain Dostie Cinematography

  24. Photo of Jacques Hétu

    Jacques Hétu Music

  25. Photo of Jean Dansereau

    Jean Dansereau Producer

  26. Photo of Richard Besse

    Richard Besse Sound

  27. Photo of Diane Paquet

    Diane Paquet Costume Design