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  1. Photo of Anthony Hopkins

    Anthony Hopkins Director, Music Cast

  2. Photo of Anton Chekhov

    Anton Chekhov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Julian Mitchell

    Julian Mitchell Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leslie Phillips

    Leslie Phillips Cast

  5. Photo of Kate Burton

    Kate Burton Cast

  6. Photo of Gawn Grainger

    Gawn Grainger Cast

  7. Photo of Rhian Morgan

    Rhian Morgan Cast

  8. Photo of Menna Trussler

    Menna Trussler Cast

  9. Photo of Rhoda Lewis

    Rhoda Lewis Cast

  10. Photo of Hugh Lloyd

    Hugh Lloyd Cast

  11. Photo of Huw Garmon

    Huw Garmon Cast

  12. Photo of Rhys Ifans

    Rhys Ifans Cast

  13. Photo of Susan Ellen Flynn

    Susan Ellen Flynn Cast

  14. Photo of Buddug Morgan

    Buddug Morgan Cast

  15. Photo of Victoria Pugh

    Victoria Pugh Cast

  16. Photo of Ioan Meredith

    Ioan Meredith Cast

  17. Photo of Jams Thomas

    Jams Thomas Cast

  18. Photo of Simon Treves

    Simon Treves Cast

  19. Photo of Myfanwy Talog

    Myfanwy Talog Cast

  20. Photo of Beth S. Morris

    Beth S. Morris Cast

  21. Photo of Morgan Ritchie

    Morgan Ritchie Cast

  22. Photo of Terry Rowley

    Terry Rowley Cast

  23. Photo of Dylan Thomas

    Dylan Thomas Cast

  24. Photo of Hywel Richards

    Hywel Richards Cast

  25. Photo of Robin Vidgeon

    Robin Vidgeon Cinematography

  26. Photo of Eileen Diss

    Eileen Diss Production Design

  27. Photo of Pippa Cross

    Pippa Cross Producer

  28. Photo of June Wyndham-Davies

    June Wyndham-Davies Producer

  29. Photo of Guy East

    Guy East Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Steve Morrison

    Steve Morrison Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Edward Mansell

    Edward Mansell Editing