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  1. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film August Winds

    Bodies and landscapes. Bodies in landscapes. Bodies.

  2. Rafael Zen's rating of the film August Winds

    Mascaro shows off his tricks on the borderline of reality and I buy it. I'm really curious about enlacing fiction and non fiction on this level: poetry, documentary and drama without a climax or a particular plot. It's a meditation on imagery deep into rural brazilian blank spaces, searching for images within life's flow. Beautiful and particularly cultural, it's etno-cinema backpacking through Brazil.

  3. Alex's rating of the film August Winds

  4. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film August Winds

    Gabriel Mascaro, my soul is here to follow you.

  5. Frank ViSo's rating of the film August Winds

  6. ranchocarne's rating of the film August Winds

    A skull and then a corpse affect an isolated island community. Smart depictions of youth's aspirations, frustrations and vanity in such a remote place. Great cinematography with some stunning shots. Mascaro does wonders filming bodies, pop culture, the contradictions of urban and wild elements in a remote village. In my opinion a more accomplished movie than Neon Bull.

  7. Jason's rating of the film August Winds

    On the cusp of perfection. The only thing missing is ... something ... je ne sais quoi. Like a really zoned-in, streamlined Lav Diaz opus. In super-miniature. In Brazil. I love non-actors. I love the most marginal of margins. I love the right kind of ethnography done the right kind of way. I really want to sing loud, glorious songs about the majesty of this thing. But I also want something that isn't there. What?

  8. Michael Harbour's rating of the film August Winds

    Gorgeous imagery. Nebulous story. Harvesting coconuts. Harvesting octopus. Harvesting sounds of wind. Harvesting corpses and skeletons. Making love. Caring for the dead. Shielding beach-side monuments from a storm tide.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film August Winds

    FNC '14 Set in a remote corner of Brazil, Mascaro's debut feature captures through beautiful lush images his home in both tranquility and storm (physical and metaphorically). Winner of a jury mention at Locarno this film makes Mascaro one to watch. The undertone of cultural and climate change cast a dark shadow.

  10. Kamran's rating of the film August Winds 72/100