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  1. Photo of Joseph Vilsmaier

    Joseph Vilsmaier Director, Cinematography Producer

  2. Photo of Willi Segler

    Willi Segler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter F. Steinbach

    Peter F. Steinbach Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anna Wimschneider

    Anna Wimschneider Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dana Vávrová

    Dana Vávrová Cast

  6. Photo of Werner Stocker

    Werner Stocker Cast

  7. Photo of Claude-Oliver Rudolph

    Claude-Oliver Rudolph Cast

  8. Photo of Eva Mattes

    Eva Mattes Cast

  9. Photo of Ilona Mayer

    Ilona Mayer Cast

  10. Photo of Herta Schwarz

    Herta Schwarz Cast

  11. Photo of Renate Grosser

    Renate Grosser Cast

  12. Photo of Julius Mitterer

    Julius Mitterer Cast

  13. Photo of Albert Wimschneider

    Albert Wimschneider Cast

  14. Photo of Marie Bardischewski

    Marie Bardischewski Cast

  15. Photo of Werner Schnitzer

    Werner Schnitzer Cast

  16. Photo of Klara Lidová

    Klara Lidová Cast

  17. Photo of Waltraud Ludwig

    Waltraud Ludwig Cast

  18. Photo of Karel Hermánek

    Karel Hermánek Cast

  19. Photo of Hans Schuler

    Hans Schuler Cast

  20. Photo of Tonja Noss

    Tonja Noss Cast

  21. Photo of Birge Schade

    Birge Schade Cast

  22. Photo of Enjott Schneider

    Enjott Schneider Music

  23. Photo of Wolfgang Hundhammer

    Wolfgang Hundhammer Production Design

  24. Photo of Ingrid Broszat

    Ingrid Broszat Editing

  25. Photo of Jochen Schwarzat

    Jochen Schwarzat Sound

  26. Photo of Hans R. Weiss

    Hans R. Weiss Sound