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  1. Sara-D's rating of the film Avalon

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Avalon

    There may be some impressive visuals here, but there's little else to recommend this insipid sci-fi movie from director Mamoru Oshii. Not recommended, despite an ending that almost makes it all worthwhile.

  3. I.Camera's rating of the film Avalon

    Avalon tries to merge Stalker with the Matrix, but is only half successful. The Amazonian Ash (with an anime white streak in her hair) seeks transcendence within a Call of Duty VR game in the form of 'Class A Real' status, a 'Zone' where the sepia-toned virtual reality transfers to a full colour hyperreality. It's more focused than the Wachowskis' nonsense, but is also dreary and episodic in parts. A Polish curio.

  4. Matt's rating of the film Avalon

    I love Sci-if, and will let a lot of things slide if the story is good - but this was unwatchable.

  5. stevesher1951's rating of the film Avalon

    Maybe not a complete success but still well worth watching

  6. CJG's rating of the film Avalon

    I got pulled into the bleak landscape of this film, there is something compelling about it. Looked great, if a bit filter-heavy, and the delineation between Ash's worlds worked well... although it all got a bit 'ham' at the end.

  7. raggiodisole's rating of the film Avalon

    Wonderful, the kind of film that you would want to play as a video game, a well-realised dystopia/utopia, well-paced, suffused in mystery

  8. Sin título.'s rating of the film Avalon

  9. Korial's rating of the film Avalon

    The idea is visionary, but it does not survive its realisation. From technical aspects to plot development, this movie has many flaws. Thematically it is interesting, but shallow. Not the best Oshii. It does deserve attention, but compared to his previous works...

  10. Eric's rating of the film Avalon

    Esthetically interesting. The story in itself seems both simple and a bit hard to precisely comprehend. The whole package makes for a unique, quite poetic movie.

  11. ADZERTY's rating of the film Avalon

    Un jeu se met en abyme et à travers ce vertige le cinéma célèbre sa capacité à donner l'illusion de la réalité. Et si tout n'était qu'apparence, que jeu ? L'étoffe du film n'est que plastique et effet visuel. L'artificiel est souligné, mais nous piège tout de même. Baroque à l'atmosphère d'étrangeté et de mystère.

  12. Garcia Marcos's rating of the film Avalon

    Oshii, oh oui. 17 ans après sa sortie, une vision d'un futur qui en met plein les yeux sans être grossier et retourne les tripes tout en finesse. Pour technophiles, cyberpunks et autres dépravés digitaux avertis.

  13. Aurélien_V's rating of the film Avalon

    Encore un film superbe et visionnaire du Grand Mamoru Oshii !! Splendide et envoûtant.

  14. F/K's rating of the film Avalon

    While not exactly having a high budget, it's a very creative exploration over the idea of Virtual Reality, Oshii never fails with his ideas

  15. rllr's rating of the film Avalon

    would've worked better as a short.

  16. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Avalon

    Bellissima ambientazione, con una società allo sbando con la guerra come unico sfogo. Messa in scena curata e atmosfere affascinanti. Interessanti le riflessioni sulla realtà e sulla società della protagonista. Parte finale molto bella. Il comparto tecnico dà un tono unico al film, con la fotografia utilizzata come mezzo narrativo. Tolta la protagonista, personaggi poco approfonditi, ma funzionali. Musiche eccellenti

  17. João Abreu's rating of the film Avalon

    So special: Mamoru's genius; Kawai's epic choir; contemporary Warsaw as hyperreality; (the possible parallels with W S Anderson's Resident Evil saga;) the technical execution; the editing. Hard to penetrate until after the daily loop sequence, when the direction of the narrative and thematic preoccupations become clearer. Beautiful.

  18. FISCHER's rating of the film Avalon

    L'idée n'est certes pas nouvelle et l'ensemble quelquefois répétitif, mais la réalisation mérite le détour par l'étonnante qualité de ses images "artificielles"...

  19. kartina obskura's rating of the film Avalon

  20. Meastro0's rating of the film Avalon

  21. tidal waif's rating of the film Avalon

  22. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Avalon

  23. Siaudebert's rating of the film Avalon

    Interesting aesthetic and typical Oshii story Best part = Kenji Kawai 's music

  24. Des's rating of the film Avalon

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