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  1. Photo of Jacques Richard

    Jacques Richard Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paul Gégauff

    Paul Gégauff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anna Karina

    Anna Karina Cast

  4. Photo of Féodor Atkine

    Féodor Atkine Cast

  5. Photo of Isabelle Pasco

    Isabelle Pasco Cast

  6. Photo of Pascale Ogier

    Pascale Ogier Cast

  7. Photo of Dora Doll

    Dora Doll Cast

  8. Photo of Bernard Freyd

    Bernard Freyd Cast

  9. Photo of Philippe Castelli

    Philippe Castelli Cast

  10. Photo of Balthazar Clémenti

    Balthazar Clémenti Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Amos

    Jean Amos Cast

  12. Photo of Dominique Besnehard

    Dominique Besnehard Cast

  13. Photo of Agathe Vannier

    Agathe Vannier Cast

  14. Photo of Eugène Berthier

    Eugène Berthier Cast

  15. Photo of Sacha Briquet

    Sacha Briquet Cast

  16. Photo of Claude Chevant

    Claude Chevant Cast

  17. Photo of Maryse Deol

    Maryse Deol Cast

  18. Photo of Dominique Brenguier

    Dominique Brenguier Cinematography

  19. Photo of Jorge Arriagada

    Jorge Arriagada Music

  20. Photo of Gilles Lacombe

    Gilles Lacombe Production Design

  21. Photo of Irène Silberman

    Irène Silberman Producer

  22. Photo of Luc Barnier

    Luc Barnier Editing

  23. Photo of Gilbert Crozet

    Gilbert Crozet Sound

  24. Photo of Dominique Hennequin

    Dominique Hennequin Sound

  25. Photo of Jeanne Kef

    Jeanne Kef Sound

  26. Photo of Michel Klochendler

    Michel Klochendler Sound

  27. Photo of Jonathan Liebling

    Jonathan Liebling Sound

  28. Photo of Jean-Paul Mugel

    Jean-Paul Mugel Sound

  29. Photo of Philippe Sénéchal

    Philippe Sénéchal Sound