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  1. Photo of Harvey Frost

    Harvey Frost Director

  2. Photo of Allan King

    Allan King Director

  3. Photo of Don McBrearty

    Don McBrearty Director

  4. Photo of Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard Director

  5. Photo of Paul Shapiro

    Paul Shapiro Director

  6. Photo of Stephen Surjik

    Stephen Surjik Director

  7. Photo of William Brayne

    William Brayne Director

  8. Photo of Rene Bonniere

    Rene Bonniere Director

  9. Photo of Stefan Scaini

    Stefan Scaini Director

  10. Photo of Otta Hanus

    Otta Hanus Director

  11. Photo of Eleanor Lindo

    Eleanor Lindo Director

  12. Photo of Stacey Stewart Curtis

    Stacey Stewart Curtis Director

  13. Photo of Graeme Lynch

    Graeme Lynch Director

  14. Photo of Richard Benner

    Richard Benner Director

  15. Photo of Bruce Pittman

    Bruce Pittman Director

  16. Photo of George Bloomfield

    George Bloomfield Director

  17. Photo of Allan Kroeker

    Allan Kroeker Director

  18. Photo of Gilbert M. Shilton

    Gilbert M. Shilton Director

  19. Photo of Robert Boyd

    Robert Boyd Director

  20. Photo of Graeme Campbell

    Graeme Campbell Director

  21. Photo of Allan Eastman

    Allan Eastman Director

  22. Photo of Kit Hood

    Kit Hood Director

  23. Photo of Charles Wilkinson

    Charles Wilkinson Director

  24. Photo of Lucy Maud Montgomery

    Lucy Maud Montgomery Screenplay

  25. Photo of Fiona McHugh

    Fiona McHugh Screenplay

  26. Photo of Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley Cast

  27. Photo of Zachary Bennett

    Zachary Bennett Cast

  28. Photo of Lally Cadeau

    Lally Cadeau Cast

  29. Photo of Mag Ruffman

    Mag Ruffman Cast

  30. Photo of Cedric Smith

    Cedric Smith Cast

  31. Photo of Jackie Burroughs

    Jackie Burroughs Cast

  32. Photo of Gema Zamprogna

    Gema Zamprogna Cast

  33. Photo of Harmony Cramp

    Harmony Cramp Cast

  34. Photo of Elva Mai Hoover

    Elva Mai Hoover Cast