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  1. Photo of Risto Orko

    Risto Orko Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Matti Schreck

    Matti Schreck Producer

  3. Photo of Urho Karhumäki

    Urho Karhumäki Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ilmari Unho

    Ilmari Unho Screenplay

  5. Photo of Uno Pihlström

    Uno Pihlström Cinematography

  6. Photo of Kullervo Kalske

    Kullervo Kalske Cast

  7. Photo of Irma Seikkula

    Irma Seikkula Cast

  8. Photo of Aino Lohikoski

    Aino Lohikoski Cast

  9. Photo of Hugo Hytönen

    Hugo Hytönen Cast

  10. Photo of Reino Valkama

    Reino Valkama Cast

  11. Photo of Paavo Jännes

    Paavo Jännes Cast

  12. Photo of Elsa Rantalainen

    Elsa Rantalainen Cast

  13. Photo of Sasu Haapanen

    Sasu Haapanen Cast

  14. Photo of Hannes Häyrinen

    Hannes Häyrinen Cast

  15. Photo of Kaarlo Saarnio

    Kaarlo Saarnio Cast

  16. Photo of Martti Jukola

    Martti Jukola Cast

  17. Photo of Pentti Saares

    Pentti Saares Cast

  18. Photo of Rosi Rinne

    Rosi Rinne Cast

  19. Photo of Vilho Siivola

    Vilho Siivola Cast

  20. Photo of Vilho Auvinen

    Vilho Auvinen Cast

  21. Photo of Timo Jokinen

    Timo Jokinen Cast

  22. Photo of Orvo Saarikivi

    Orvo Saarikivi Editing, Screenplay Director

  23. Photo of Ville Salminen

    Ville Salminen Production Design

  24. Photo of Harry Bergström

    Harry Bergström Music

  25. Photo of Hugo Ranta

    Hugo Ranta Sound

  26. Photo of Evdokia Nikitin

    Evdokia Nikitin Costume Design