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  1. Photo of Kamil Rüstambayov

    Kamil Rüstambayov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Samad Vurğun

    Samad Vurğun Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alihüseyn Hüseynov

    Alihüseyn Hüseynov Cinematography

  4. Photo of Faiq Ahmadov

    Faiq Ahmadov Production Design

  5. Photo of Zakir Bağırov

    Zakir Bağırov Music

  6. Photo of Ağahüseyn Karimov

    Ağahüseyn Karimov Sound

  7. Photo of V. Mironova

    V. Mironova Editing

  8. Photo of Naciba Malikova

    Naciba Malikova Cast

  9. Photo of Hasanağa Salayev

    Hasanağa Salayev Cast

  10. Photo of Rana Topçubaşova

    Rana Topçubaşova Cast

  11. Photo of Sürayya Qasımova

    Sürayya Qasımova Cast

  12. Photo of Gündüz Abbasov

    Gündüz Abbasov Cast

  13. Photo of Fateh Fatullayev

    Fateh Fatullayev Cast

  14. Photo of Rza Afqanlı

    Rza Afqanlı Cast

  15. Photo of Sofa Basirzada

    Sofa Basirzada Cast

  16. Photo of Mammad Sadıqov

    Mammad Sadıqov Cast

  17. Photo of Başir Safaroğlu

    Başir Safaroğlu Cast

  18. Photo of M. Qafqazlı

    M. Qafqazlı Cast

  19. Photo of Hamlet Qurbanov

    Hamlet Qurbanov Cast

  20. Photo of Osman Haqqi

    Osman Haqqi Cast