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  1. Photo of Halil Budakova

    Halil Budakova Cast and Director

  2. Photo of Reshat Arbana

    Reshat Arbana Cast

  3. Photo of Merita Budakova

    Merita Budakova Cast

  4. Photo of Çun Lajçi

    Çun Lajçi Cast

  5. Photo of Enver Petrovci

    Enver Petrovci Cast

  6. Photo of Bashkim Shala

    Bashkim Shala Cast

  7. Photo of Adem Mikullovci

    Adem Mikullovci Cast

  8. Photo of Hadi Shehu

    Hadi Shehu Cast

  9. Photo of Faik Gashi

    Faik Gashi Cast

  10. Photo of Blerim Gjoci

    Blerim Gjoci Cast

  11. Photo of Fatime Sefaj

    Fatime Sefaj Cast

  12. Photo of Bujar Bajrami

    Bujar Bajrami Cast

  13. Photo of Asllan Hasaj

    Asllan Hasaj Cast

  14. Photo of Naser Gashi

    Naser Gashi Cast

  15. Photo of Sylejman Lokaj

    Sylejman Lokaj Cast

  16. Photo of Arian Gashi

    Arian Gashi Cast

  17. Photo of Bastri Lushaku

    Bastri Lushaku Cast

  18. Photo of Bujar Zejnullahu

    Bujar Zejnullahu Cast