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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jocelyn Leyva's rating of the film B for Boy

    When it comes to reflect our society, we know cinema can do it in an excellent way, and this movie is a great example of that. Now more than ever we are becoming aware of women's historical condition of oppression, and Anadu's film it's a major contribution to enlarge the knowledge about patriarchal societies in our world.

  2. tintinmugshot's rating of the film B for Boy

  3. Jennifer Weeks's rating of the film B for Boy

    A captivating story set in a rich and transitioning culture we don't see enough of in western cinemas. Was continually in awe of the strength & resolve of the main character Amaka. She was beautifully played by the lead actress, too.

  4. Jadis's rating of the film B for Boy

    yay! finally a solid feminist film, thanks Mubi! great storytelling & cinematography

  5. Richard Doyle's rating of the film B for Boy

    The film's about a half hour too long, but it's an engrossing and revealing portrait of what oppressive cultural traditions can do to individuals

  6. msmichel's rating of the film B for Boy

    Nigeria has one of the most prolific film industries yet very little Nigerian film makes it to North American shores. If this excellent film is any indication we are missing out on some quite amazing film. Anadu's debut film looks at the role of women in a modern Nigeria still victim of heritage, sex and religion. A seemingly modern woman is desperate to produce a male heir to keep her family; at near any cost.

  7. floris's rating of the film B for Boy

    Very nice movie. Gives a view into the issues of current day Nigeria. Greatly shows the mordant atmosphere in the house among the various family members. On top of that it is great to see some Nigerian cinema

  8. chloe's rating of the film B for Boy

    intelligent and thoughtful look at the desperate position women are put in by a patriarchal society. the film feels quite bare and minimal but well put together. a little hard to get through in parts because of this but comes together in the end

  9. Pablo EguiArte's rating of the film B for Boy

    Excelente semblanza sobre los dilemas del fanatismo y el "deber ser" aprendido culturalmente dentro de una sociedad patriarcal y mezquina que solo ve valor en la figura de la mujer cuando se reproduce y engendra a un varón. Esa tradición amarga que convierte a la mujer en objeto y la orilla a realizar hasta los actos menos propios de su naturaleza con tal de no ser condenada por su propia raza.

  10. rociof's rating of the film B for Boy

    El cuerpo de la mujer es un producto; aparato del sistema que "sirve" para beneplácito de una sociedad carcomida por mujeres que continúan reproduciendo tradiciones mezquinas. Excelente retrato sobre el tema.

  11. G. Elósegui's rating of the film B for Boy

    Excelente abordaje que refleja las terribles decisiones que el sistema patriarcal obliga a tomar a las mujeres siempre relacionadas con su cuerpo y su maternidad

  12. Ricardo Corona M's rating of the film B for Boy

    La desesperación por tener que respetar tradiciones propias de su cultura terminan por generar acciones que nunca uno pensaría ser capaz de hacer.

  13. Amapola's rating of the film B for Boy

    Increíble todo lo que puede hacer una madre por su familia.