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  1. Photo of Michael Radford

    Michael Radford Director

  2. Photo of Nik Powell

    Nik Powell Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Bob Weinstein

    Bob Weinstein Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Colin Vaines

    Colin Vaines Producer

  6. Photo of Stephen Woolley

    Stephen Woolley Producer

  7. Photo of Andrew Davies

    Andrew Davies Screenplay

  8. Photo of Chloe King

    Chloe King Screenplay

  9. Photo of Ashley Rowe

    Ashley Rowe Cinematography

  10. Photo of Asia Argento

    Asia Argento Cast

  11. Photo of Jared Harris

    Jared Harris Cast

  12. Photo of Rupert Everett

    Rupert Everett Cast

  13. Photo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cast

  14. Photo of Julie T. Wallace

    Julie T. Wallace Cast

  15. Photo of Ian Hart

    Ian Hart Cast

  16. Photo of Joëlle Hache

    Joëlle Hache Editing

  17. Photo of Sophie Becher

    Sophie Becher Production Design

  18. Photo of Luis Enr

    Luis Enr Music

  19. Photo of Jennie Muskett

    Jennie Muskett Music

  20. Photo of Peter Lindsay

    Peter Lindsay Sound

  21. Photo of Valentin Breton Des Loys

    Valentin Breton Des Loys Costume Design

  22. Photo of Tim Woodward

    Tim Woodward Cast

  23. Photo of Bryan Pringle

    Bryan Pringle Cast

  24. Photo of Clare Higgins

    Clare Higgins Cast

  25. Photo of Simone Bowkett

    Simone Bowkett Cast

  26. Photo of Marc Warren

    Marc Warren Cast

  27. Photo of Vincent Regan

    Vincent Regan Cast

  28. Photo of Eddie Marsan

    Eddie Marsan Cast