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  1. Azul B.'s rating of the film Baarìa

  2. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Baarìa

    No match to his lovely "The Legend of 1900," "Baaria," is too clichéd (and dumb): A live fly imprisoned inside a wooden top by a blacksmith, apparently lays eggs that develop into another live fly decades later; a man who buys dollars as a trade for a living sells pens after the Americans have left Italy; a Leftist who saw "terrifying" things in Russia (in his own words) continues to be in the party.

  3. morals and dogma's rating of the film Baarìa

  4. CafeGradiva's rating of the film Baarìa

  5. prestidigitator's rating of the film Baarìa

    this is the movie of a lifetime (double entendre, si). more so, i believe it requires a certain sensibility to be able to appreciate. i found it beautiful, and the background themes of communism rising or mafia in sicily are not at all central (not at all making the movie confusing or too thematically complex), they're simply tools that help depict the picture. of a life. or of a dream.

  6. zomBie's rating of the film Baarìa

    لازم تشوفو هالفيلم تحفة رغم بعض الطول الزائد

  7. Umberto L.'s rating of the film Baarìa

    I was right. Bellocchio's "Vincere" (2009) better deserved to be Italy's Best Foreign Film submission for the Oscars. A masterpiece vs. a sort of re-make...

  8. Joshua Dysart's rating of the film Baarìa

    I found this film to be a mess. Granted, it was a sometimes charming and funny mess, but none- the-less.

  9. Andy Oettl's rating of the film Baarìa

    With a better, more focused script, Tornatore's family epic could have been a masterpiece but after a good start, the film looses steam - especially in the third act. However, there are some good moments and Morricone's score is magnificient.