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  1. Photo of Sharon Nazarian

    Sharon Nazarian Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Micky Rabinovitz

    Micky Rabinovitz Executive Producer

  3. Photo of David Silber

    David Silber Producer

  4. Photo of Moshe Edery

    Moshe Edery Producer

  5. Photo of Leon Edery

    Leon Edery Producer

  6. Photo of Yuval Delshad

    Yuval Delshad Screenplay and Director

  7. Photo of Ofer Inov

    Ofer Inov Cinematography

  8. Photo of Navid Negahban

    Navid Negahban Cast and Executive Producer

  9. Photo of David Diaan

    David Diaan Cast

  10. Photo of Viss Elliot Safavi

    Viss Elliot Safavi Cast

  11. Photo of Elias Rafael

    Elias Rafael Cast

  12. Photo of Yoni Tzroya

    Yoni Tzroya Editing

  13. Photo of Yuda Acco

    Yuda Acco Production Design

  14. Photo of Eyal Saeed

    Eyal Saeed Music

  15. Photo of Gil Toren

    Gil Toren Sound

  16. Photo of Moti Hefetz

    Moti Hefetz Sound