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  1. lonesome-boat's rating of the film Babies

    if you wanna get me in bed, play me this movie and tbh i'll be the one asking you to give me babies. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND THE MOVIE WAS SO PERFECT ;-;

  2. Linda's rating of the film Babies

    very adorable. the mongolian baby is the best one! so funny :)

  3. Ezra Winton's rating of the film Babies

    If Pampers and UNICEF made a film together, this is what it would look like.

  4. edgar edgar's rating of the film Babies

    san francisco hipsters-san francisco baby hipsters

  5. eek's rating of the film Babies

    Watching this high was the best experience of my life :D

  6. Kenny's rating of the film Babies

    A lovely mix of cute and insightful.

  7. Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film Babies

  8. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Babies

    While the directing is abrupt and some moments feel like unpaid babysitting, the majority of the movie is hilarious if you've ever had kids. On the plus side is the lack of narration explaining everything we see.

  9. Xose Manoel Ramos's rating of the film Babies

  10. Liam Peters's rating of the film Babies

    Gratuitously cute at times, this year in the life of four newborns is a sometimes insightful and lovely observation of the discovery of the world. Babies get old and like the talk of friends with kids so does the constant barrage of baby life. Still, there is enough here to warrant a look, particularly Hattie's attempts to escape the San Fran hippy baby get-together and Ponijao's first dance moves.

  11. Risya's rating of the film Babies

    Babies being babies in a light documentary. Babies may speak differently to each viewer but it seems to have an universal message. Sure, we may be different culturally or environmentally but we are all the same as human. I appreciate the many "aaaaawwh" moments. Babies are very very cute! Bayarjagal and Ponijao caught most of my attention. In my opinion, they're the cutest of the four.

  12. Yosef Sidharta's rating of the film Babies

    hoho this movie could depict the cutest things that ever happen to any human, watching baby growing and learning some little things is very enjoyable actually. I also enjoy the end credit, with some video about how the condition of those babies nowadays. nice~!

  13. pluviosity's rating of the film Babies

    have you ever seen a stressed baby? and then compare it to another one, seems to be the happiest baby just because a chew-able tissue roll.

  14. rita amal's rating of the film Babies

    Apparently, there are 4 ways to wash your baby: 1) bathe him in a bucket (upside down), 2) take her in the shower with you, 3) lick him and spit out the offending dirt, and last but certainly not least, 4) squirt milk from your breast onto his face and wipe with a tissue. voila! clean babies.

  15. Jeremiah Hammerling's rating of the film Babies

    This is just a really well done film. Simple concept, very well executed, and full of moments that are constantly making you laugh. I

  16. Mother of God's rating of the film Babies

  17. Arisa's rating of the film Babies

    As a American, I just want to say I was incredibly annoyed by how the San Franciscan baby was brought up. I promise we're not all a bunch of pseudo hippies who lounge around naked with the kids and pretend we are one with nature ("the Earth is my mother," is that what they were chanting?) when we live in a cosmopolitan western city. Otherwise, the movie was lovely. Cuteness overload.

  18. lisforlace's rating of the film Babies

    Weird movie... why was that one mom naked with her baby in almost every scene (lol)!?