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  1. Photo of Frank Zappa

    Frank Zappa Director, Editing, Music, Cast & 2 more
    Frank Zappa Director, Editing, Music, Cast, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bennett Glotzer

    Bennett Glotzer Producer

  3. Photo of Robert Leacock

    Robert Leacock Cinematography

  4. Photo of Phil Parmet

    Phil Parmet Cinematography

  5. Photo of Richard Pearce

    Richard Pearce Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ron Delsener

    Ron Delsener Cast

  7. Photo of Johhny Psychotic

    Johhny Psychotic Cast

  8. Photo of Donna U. Wanna

    Donna U. Wanna Cast

  9. Photo of Diva Zappa

    Diva Zappa Cast

  10. Photo of Adrian Belew

    Adrian Belew Cast

  11. Photo of Dale Bozzio

    Dale Bozzio Cast

  12. Photo of Terry Bozzio

    Terry Bozzio Cast

  13. Photo of Vinnie Colaiuta

    Vinnie Colaiuta Cast

  14. Photo of Warren Cuccurullo

    Warren Cuccurullo Cast

  15. Photo of Roy Estrada

    Roy Estrada Cast

  16. Photo of Jennifer James

    Jennifer James Cast

  17. Photo of Phil Kaufman

    Phil Kaufman Cast

  18. Photo of Ed Mann

    Ed Mann Cast

  19. Photo of Tommy Mars

    Tommy Mars Cast

  20. Photo of Patrick O'Hearn

    Patrick O'Hearn Cast

  21. Photo of John Smothers

    John Smothers Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Wolf

    Peter Wolf Cast

  23. Photo of Klaus Hundsbichler

    Klaus Hundsbichler Editing

  24. Photo of Bruce Bickford

    Bruce Bickford Animation and Cast

  25. Photo of Joe Chicarelli

    Joe Chicarelli Sound

  26. Photo of Chat Gunter

    Chat Gunter Sound

  27. Photo of Ed Jones

    Ed Jones Sound

  28. Photo of Harry Lapham

    Harry Lapham Sound

  29. Photo of Steve Maslow

    Steve Maslow Sound

  30. Photo of Kerry McNabb

    Kerry McNabb Sound

  31. Photo of Nigel Noble

    Nigel Noble Sound

  32. Photo of Kim Ornitz

    Kim Ornitz Sound

  33. Photo of Joe Slifkin

    Joe Slifkin Sound

  34. Photo of Cabell Smith

    Cabell Smith Sound