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  1. Photo of Neal Israel

    Neal Israel Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sharad Patel

    Sharad Patel Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joe Roth

    Joe Roth Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Bob Israel

    Bob Israel Producer, Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ron Moler

    Ron Moler Producer

  6. Photo of Raju Patel

    Raju Patel Producer

  7. Photo of Pat Proft

    Pat Proft Screenplay

  8. Photo of Hal Trussell

    Hal Trussell Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks Cast

  10. Photo of Tawny Kitaen

    Tawny Kitaen Cast

  11. Photo of Adrian Zmed

    Adrian Zmed Cast

  12. Photo of George Grizzard

    George Grizzard Cast

  13. Photo of Barbara Stuart

    Barbara Stuart Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Prescott

    Robert Prescott Cast

  15. Photo of William Tepper

    William Tepper Cast

  16. Photo of Wendie Jo Sperber

    Wendie Jo Sperber Cast

  17. Photo of Barry Diamond

    Barry Diamond Cast

  18. Photo of Gary Grossman

    Gary Grossman Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Dudikoff

    Michael Dudikoff Cast

  20. Photo of Bradford Bancroft

    Bradford Bancroft Cast

  21. Photo of Martina Finch

    Martina Finch Cast

  22. Photo of Deborah Harmon

    Deborah Harmon Cast

  23. Photo of Tracy Smith

    Tracy Smith Cast

  24. Photo of Florence Schauffler

    Florence Schauffler Cast

  25. Photo of Sumant

    Sumant Cast

  26. Photo of John Bloom

    John Bloom Cast

  27. Photo of Kenneth Kimmins

    Kenneth Kimmins Cast

  28. Photo of Gerard Prendergast

    Gerard Prendergast Cast

  29. Photo of Brett Baxter Clark

    Brett Baxter Clark Cast

  30. Photo of Ji-Tu Cumbuka

    Ji-Tu Cumbuka Cast

  31. Photo of Tom Walls

    Tom Walls Editing

  32. Photo of Kevin Conlin

    Kevin Conlin Production Design

  33. Photo of Martin Price

    Martin Price Production Design

  34. Photo of Robert Folk

    Robert Folk Music

  35. Photo of Ken Beauchene

    Ken Beauchene Sound

  36. Photo of Alfred Angelo

    Alfred Angelo Costume Design

  37. Photo of Michele Piccione

    Michele Piccione Costume Design