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  1. Photo of Mia Spengler

    Mia Spengler Director

  2. Photo of Stefanie Schmitz

    Stefanie Schmitz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mia Spengler

    Mia Spengler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kim Riedle

    Kim Riedle Cast

  5. Photo of Juliane Köhler

    Juliane Köhler Cast

  6. Photo of Leonie Wesselow

    Leonie Wesselow Cast

  7. Photo of Nicki von Tempelhoff

    Nicki von Tempelhoff Cast

  8. Photo of Emma Drogunova

    Emma Drogunova Cast

  9. Photo of Hanife Syleimani

    Hanife Syleimani Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Oussankina

    Anna Oussankina Cast

  11. Photo of Lena Thom

    Lena Thom Cast

  12. Photo of Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey

    Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey Cast

  13. Photo of Ulrike Krumbiegel

    Ulrike Krumbiegel Cast

  14. Photo of Falko Lachmund

    Falko Lachmund Cinematography

  15. Photo of Linda Bosch

    Linda Bosch Editing

  16. Photo of Gregory Schuchmann

    Gregory Schuchmann Editing

  17. Photo of Marc Fragstein

    Marc Fragstein Music

  18. Photo of Julian Aichholz

    Julian Aichholz Sound

  19. Photo of Uli Friedrichs

    Uli Friedrichs Production Design

  20. Photo of Christine Eckhoff

    Christine Eckhoff Costume Design

  21. Photo of Rüdiger Heinze

    Rüdiger Heinze Producer

  22. Photo of Stefan Sporbert

    Stefan Sporbert Producer

  23. Photo of Rebecca Schröder

    Rebecca Schröder Producer

  24. Photo of Bianca Laschalt

    Bianca Laschalt Producer