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  1. Photo of Éric Lavaine

    Éric Lavaine Director

  2. Photo of Héctor Cabello Reyes

    Héctor Cabello Reyes Screenplay

  3. Photo of Éric Lavaine

    Éric Lavaine Screenplay

  4. Photo of Josiane Balasko

    Josiane Balasko Cast

  5. Photo of Alexandra Lamy

    Alexandra Lamy Cast

  6. Photo of Mathilde Seigner

    Mathilde Seigner Cast

  7. Photo of Philippe Lefèbvre

    Philippe Lefèbvre Cast

  8. Photo of Jérôme Commandeur

    Jérôme Commandeur Cast

  9. Photo of Cécile Rebboah

    Cécile Rebboah Cast

  10. Photo of Didier Flamand

    Didier Flamand Cast

  11. Photo of Guilaine Londez

    Guilaine Londez Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Bosso

    Patrick Bosso Cast

  13. Photo of Marc Fayet

    Marc Fayet Cast

  14. Photo of Vincent Roget

    Vincent Roget Producer

  15. Photo of Jérôme Seydoux

    Jérôme Seydoux Producer

  16. Photo of Gala Vara Eiriz

    Gala Vara Eiriz Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Fabien Cahen

    Fabien Cahen Music

  18. Photo of François Hernandez

    François Hernandez Cinematography

  19. Photo of Vincent Zuffranieri

    Vincent Zuffranieri Editing