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  1. Photo of A. Dean Bell

    A. Dean Bell Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Josh Mosby

    Josh Mosby Cast

  3. Photo of Robert Mitchum

    Robert Mitchum Cast

  4. Photo of Kathy Ireland

    Kathy Ireland Cast

  5. Photo of Telly Savalas

    Telly Savalas Cast

  6. Photo of Shelley Winters

    Shelley Winters Cast

  7. Photo of Mary McCormack

    Mary McCormack Cast

  8. Photo of J. Christian Ingvordsen

    J. Christian Ingvordsen Cast, Screenplay Producer

  9. Photo of Jeffrey Howard

    Jeffrey Howard Cast

  10. Photo of Michele Miller

    Michele Miller Cast

  11. Photo of Marissa Copeland

    Marissa Copeland Cast

  12. Photo of Tracy Douglas

    Tracy Douglas Cast

  13. Photo of Laine Valentino

    Laine Valentino Cast

  14. Photo of Edie Falco

    Edie Falco Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Connors

    Richard Connors Cinematography

  16. Photo of Jeffrey Schmitt

    Jeffrey Schmitt Music

  17. Photo of Debbie DeVilla

    Debbie DeVilla Production Design

  18. Photo of Marc L. Bailin

    Marc L. Bailin Executive Producer

  19. Photo of C. Steven Duncker

    C. Steven Duncker Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Gary L. Zwerling

    Gary L. Zwerling Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Jim Fleming

    Jim Fleming Editing

  22. Photo of Gary Sharfin

    Gary Sharfin Editing