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  1. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Bad Company

    Benton is not a particularly gifted director, but he did manage to craft a fun, freewheeling story that has become one of my favorite Westerns.

  2. Knut Morte's rating of the film Bad Company

    "My boy, if it's a blind woman in a wheel chair i'd still give her the odds." And as if bad company turns you into a crook, pfft he was a crook to begin with, running away after he messed that kitchen up. dat poor lady.

  3. Patrick Humphreys's rating of the film Bad Company

    Really good. A film that could've only been made in the 70s. Gritty and bleak, full of great character actors and unknowns, and with an odd sense of humour. Also worth watching for co-star Barry Brown, an intriguing man who died tragically before the decade was over.

  4. Johnny DuBiel's rating of the film Bad Company

    One of the most underrated American masterpieces of the seventies. While not as radical in style or content as his peers (Scorsese, Coppola, etc.) Robert Benton put out some top rate work. And while it's hard to say that a 3-time Oscar winner has gone unappreciated, one can certainly make that argument for Benton.