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  1. Photo of Pedro Almodóvar

    Pedro Almodóvar Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gael García Bernal

    Gael García Bernal Cast

  3. Photo of Fele Martínez

    Fele Martínez Cast

  4. Photo of Daniel Giménez Cacho

    Daniel Giménez Cacho Cast

  5. Photo of Lluís Homar

    Lluís Homar Cast

  6. Photo of Francisco Maestre

    Francisco Maestre Cast

  7. Photo of Javier Cámara

    Javier Cámara Cast

  8. Photo of Francisco Boira

    Francisco Boira Cast

  9. Photo of Juan Fernández

    Juan Fernández Cast

  10. Photo of Nacho Pérez

    Nacho Pérez Cast

  11. Photo of Raúl García Forneiro

    Raúl García Forneiro Cast

  12. Photo of Alberto Ferreiro

    Alberto Ferreiro Cast

  13. Photo of Petra Martínez

    Petra Martínez Cast

  14. Photo of Leonor Watling

    Leonor Watling Cast

  15. Photo of José Luis Alcaine

    José Luis Alcaine Cinematography

  16. Photo of Alberto Iglesias

    Alberto Iglesias Music

  17. Photo of Agustín Almodóvar

    Agustín Almodóvar Producer

  18. Photo of Esther García

    Esther García Executive Producer

  19. Photo of José Salcedo

    José Salcedo Editing

  20. Photo of José Antonio Bermúdez

    José Antonio Bermúdez Sound

  21. Photo of Manuel Corrales

    Manuel Corrales Sound

  22. Photo of Rosa Ortiz

    Rosa Ortiz Sound

  23. Photo of Jean Paul Gaultier

    Jean Paul Gaultier Costume Design