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  1. Photo of Eugenio Martín

    Eugenio Martín Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Philip Yordan

    Philip Yordan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lee Van Cleef

    Lee Van Cleef Cast

  4. Photo of James Mason

    James Mason Cast

  5. Photo of Gina Lollobrigida

    Gina Lollobrigida Cast

  6. Photo of Simón Andreu

    Simón Andreu Cast

  7. Photo of Diana Lorys

    Diana Lorys Cast

  8. Photo of Gianni Garko

    Gianni Garko Cast

  9. Photo of Aldo Sambrell

    Aldo Sambrell Cast

  10. Photo of Jess Hahn

    Jess Hahn Cast

  11. Photo of Luis Rivera

    Luis Rivera Cast

  12. Photo of Eduardo Fajardo

    Eduardo Fajardo Cast

  13. Photo of Daniel Martín

    Daniel Martín Cast

  14. Photo of Lone Fleming

    Lone Fleming Cast

  15. Photo of Sergio Fantoni

    Sergio Fantoni Cast

  16. Photo of José Manuel Martín

    José Manuel Martín Cast

  17. Photo of Dan van Husen

    Dan van Husen Cast

  18. Photo of Claudia Gravy

    Claudia Gravy Cast

  19. Photo of José Riesgo

    José Riesgo Cast

  20. Photo of Tito García

    Tito García Cast

  21. Photo of Barta Barri

    Barta Barri Cast

  22. Photo of Ricardo Palacios

    Ricardo Palacios Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Lombard

    Robert Lombard Cast

  24. Photo of Alejandro Ulloa

    Alejandro Ulloa Cinematography

  25. Photo of Waldo de los Ríos

    Waldo de los Ríos Music

  26. Photo of Jade Warrior

    Jade Warrior Music

  27. Photo of José Luis Galicia

    José Luis Galicia Production Design

  28. Photo of Bernard Gordon

    Bernard Gordon Producer

  29. Photo of Irving Lerner

    Irving Lerner Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa

    Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa Editing