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Critics reviews
Bad Timing
Nicolas Roeg United Kingdom, 1980
[Theresa Russell’s] ferocious and assured performance (she was only 23) nearly blows her much more experienced co-stars Art Garfunkel and Harvey Keitel off the screen.
January 02, 2019
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The film is a serious work of art (and has its champions), but it was also the beginning of the long, slow end of his career.
November 26, 2018
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Roeg’s film pushes against simplification, however, perhaps even to a fault, cool and distant where it should be hot. Told in serpentining fragments, arrhythmically edited and soundtracked by a grabbag of Tom Waits, The Who, and others, with Art Garfunkel and Theresa Russell as two ragged, consuming lovers, Bad Timing is a singular, disturbing post-mortem of obsession, possession, and desire, uncompromisingly erotic, traumatized, and knotted.
March 23, 2016
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An unfortunate piece of posturing that I’m afraid might turn out to be almost as popular as Jordache T-shirts… Bad Timing, to be just, offers an appealing performance by Theresa Russell — even if this happens to be in one of the silliest pieces of culture-vulturism since Woody Allen started pretending to depict intellectuals for the benefit and comfort of middle-brows with inferiority complexes (as in Interiors and Manhattan).
September 17, 1980
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