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  1. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Baden Baden

    There is nothing especially striking about any of the filmic elements, and it's certainly not deep, but the overall is coherent, involving and enjoyable. Whether it will stay with me for long is another matter. This sounds like I'm damning it with faint praise but this is not my intention: Lang demonstrates an ability to strike an authentic emotional chord with unusual naturalness.

  2. AugusteB's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Looking at someones life as a mosaic. Every stone is equal to make a perfect picture. A nostalgic film in a way like from the 90ies. I am so glad that films like this still exist.

  3. PJ's rating of the film Baden Baden

  4. Thomas's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Great casting and characterisation.

  5. caitlin.f's rating of the film Baden Baden

  6. David R Williams's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Not quite as satisfying or cohesive as the shorts but certainly worth a watch and I believe I could watch Salomé Richard on an endless loop. A wonderful young actress whom should be destined for great things. Rachel Lang's assured direction is that of a filmmaker many years her senior.

  7. brick_bro's rating of the film Baden Baden

    At its finest moments Baden Baden is an extremely vibrant story that shows beautiful character through its flawed protagonist. With an incredible performance by Salomé Richards, Lang's end to the Ana trilogy is awkward, charming, devastating, and ultimately hopeful.

  8. Holly Hinson's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Hard to follow, frustrating characters

  9. misgenc's rating of the film Baden Baden

    The trio is like a life within life itself. I enjoyed the depth of Ana and getting to know her. Such a strong movie and great acting from Salome!

  10. johaha's rating of the film Baden Baden

    everything about this film is good.

  11. saltwater's rating of the film Baden Baden

    A few well acted and funny moments dispersed through too many dead end narratives and a disjointed story.

  12. whitney's rating of the film Baden Baden

  13. David Richards's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Very good... the two previous shorts by Ms Lang, though interesting, seemed like fragments. This film and the longer format gave her room to flesh out her ideas. Salome Richard is amazing.

  14. Loz Loory's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Reminded me of my amazement when I first saw the films of Chantal Akerman. Same here: moments from my & other friend's lives as young women. Yes, taking care of the aging grandparents. Yes, trying to retrofit the bathtub via DIY repairs. Yes, dealing with narcissistic parents & their egocentric death fantasies. Yes, the road trips & visits with exes. Yes, floundering to find a "real" career. Lost but not lost. Brava.

  15. FISCHER's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Malgré quelques inutilités scénaristiques et une trop grande segmentation des séquences, un premier long métrage plutôt réussi, avec des acteurs parfaitement à l'aise dans l'investissement de leurs différents personnages et un bravo supplémentaire à la fine et scintillante interprétation de Salomé Richard, une étonnante révélation...

  16. João Portalegre's rating of the film Baden Baden

    sure, the dialogue might be witty and all, but it reveals no character, which is what something like this needs to be about - otherwise, what we're stuck with is an interesting conflict of interests between dialogue and action; there's very little happening in here, but what little there is is really all it's got to offer. the dialogue serves nothing. it's all just so very uninteresting.

  17. Robert Orlowski's rating of the film Baden Baden

  18. saitosouta's rating of the film Baden Baden

    There are spots on Ana's cheek & neck in "For you," "White Turnips" "Baden Baden." Through Ana's Trilogy, she joined in French army, broke up with her boyfriend, renovate grandmother's bath, got back together with boyfriend, grew up & changed. But that childlike spots, by being still there, tell about something steady in changing life, which also are origin of loveliness in "Baden Baden" with so cute Salomé Richard.

  19. JL's rating of the film Baden Baden

    Equally sorrowful, playful and amusing. This full length weaves together snapshots similar to those that were presented in Lang's earlier shorts, revisiting topics of unquestioning love, troubled romance, feminism, the end of youth and deriving strength. It seemed at first that there wasn't enough to make this feature length, but the character of Ana builds satisfyingly over the time for a masterful close.

  20. Kathleen Putnam's rating of the film Baden Baden

  21. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film Baden Baden

    A bittersweet... thing. Tender and harsh all at once, it's a film I'm glad I've seen but can't find that much to say about.

  22. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Baden Baden

    A drama about a summer where nothing in particular happens but yet everything happens at the same time. Fairly routine but elevated by Rachel Lang's unique visual style and a charismatic central performance.

  23. Bastien G.'s rating of the film Baden Baden

    "tu crois que j'me suis anesthesiée l'anus par erreur?"

  24. Federico D'Accinni's rating of the film Baden Baden

    An interesting feature-lenght debut for French director Rachel Lang; I loved the well-achieved balance between comedy and drama. Ana's character reminded me of Greta Gerwig in Baumbach's 'Frances Ha': she shows a similar attitude to life and to all the obstacles it can bring with it. Some good writing and camera work too!

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