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Ratings & Reviews

  1. fane2808's rating of the film Baikonur

    Never forget how beautiful life on Earth can be, while chasing the stars, could be the message of the movie. And that your loved ones will always be those who are close, even if you don't acknowledge it in the first place. The mixture between (sort-of) modern technology and everyday shepherd's life is dealt with more poetically than it might seem and the Bregovic soundtrack make it even more so. A sweet movie.

  2. Empire's rating of the film Baikonur

    Its a cute movie, in a nice setting but it struggles in its overall quality making some scenes quite cheesy.

  3. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Baikonur

    funny, sweet and fresh, a good surprise

  4. lbaia's rating of the film Baikonur

    Another romantic fable taking advantage of exotic places and people, in this case a kazakh tribe of nomads living close to the space-launch site of Baikonur. It has its moments of fun, and the landscapes are beautiful, but the movie never develops above average quality. For a similar take on these subjects Tulpan is a much superior movie