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  1. Photo of Jorge Cardoso

    Jorge Cardoso Director

  2. Photo of Lourenço Mello

    Lourenço Mello Director

  3. Photo of José Manuel Fernandes

    José Manuel Fernandes Director

  4. Photo of Ricardo Inácio

    Ricardo Inácio Director

  5. Photo of Francisco Moita Flores

    Francisco Moita Flores Screenplay

  6. Photo of Maria João Bastos

    Maria João Bastos Cast

  7. Photo of Julie Sargeant

    Julie Sargeant Cast

  8. Photo of Carloto Cotta

    Carloto Cotta Cast

  9. Photo of João Lagarto

    João Lagarto Cast

  10. Photo of Afonso Pimentel

    Afonso Pimentel Cast

  11. Photo of Joana Ribeiro

    Joana Ribeiro Cast

  12. Photo of Paulo Pires

    Paulo Pires Cast

  13. Photo of Virgílio Castelo

    Virgílio Castelo Cast

  14. Photo of Rui Unas

    Rui Unas Cast

  15. Photo of Margarida Moreira

    Margarida Moreira Cast

  16. Photo of Luis Gaspar

    Luis Gaspar Cast

  17. Photo of Ivo Alexandre

    Ivo Alexandre Cast

  18. Photo of Rui Amado

    Rui Amado Cinematography

  19. Photo of Miguel Martins

    Miguel Martins Music

  20. Photo of Suprah

    Suprah Music

  21. Photo of Clara Vinhais

    Clara Vinhais Production Design

  22. Photo of Ana Almeida

    Ana Almeida Producer

  23. Photo of Luís Tavares Alves

    Luís Tavares Alves Producer

  24. Photo of Eduardo Araújo

    Eduardo Araújo Producer

  25. Photo of Hugo Dos Santos

    Hugo Dos Santos Producer

  26. Photo of Margarida Saldanha

    Margarida Saldanha Producer

  27. Photo of Luís K. Carrondo

    Luís K. Carrondo Editing

  28. Photo of Miguel Costa

    Miguel Costa Editing

  29. Photo of Gonçalo Frederico

    Gonçalo Frederico Editing

  30. Photo of Paulo Pinto

    Paulo Pinto Editing

  31. Photo of João Danta

    João Danta Sound

  32. Photo of Vladimir Kerkez

    Vladimir Kerkez Sound

  33. Photo of António Lopes

    António Lopes Sound

  34. Photo of Nuno Lopes

    Nuno Lopes Sound

  35. Photo of José Moreira

    José Moreira Sound

  36. Photo of Pedro Moreira

    Pedro Moreira Sound

  37. Photo of Vladan Nedeljkov

    Vladan Nedeljkov Sound

  38. Photo of Manuel Pereira

    Manuel Pereira Sound

  39. Photo of Aleksandra Stojanovic

    Aleksandra Stojanovic Sound

  40. Photo of Tiago Vicente

    Tiago Vicente Sound

  41. Photo of José Bruno

    José Bruno Animation

  42. Photo of Rita Esteves Correia

    Rita Esteves Correia Animation

  43. Photo of Sérgio Costa

    Sérgio Costa Animation and Sound

  44. Photo of Maria Luz

    Maria Luz Animation

  45. Photo of Cristina Malagueira

    Cristina Malagueira Animation

  46. Photo of Paulo Poças

    Paulo Poças Animation

  47. Photo of Luís Rodrigues

    Luís Rodrigues Animation

  48. Photo of Teresa Alves

    Teresa Alves Costume Design