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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Aditya Watts's rating of the film Bajirao Mastani

    I wonder if any mainstream Indian filmmaker works harder than this man. Like his films or not there's no denying Bhansali loves Art, Music, Literature, Cinema and truly yearns to make something special each time. Something that certainly cant be said for most of our industry content to phone it in or focus merely on fooling the audience. Immense respect.

  2. pepoire's rating of the film Bajirao Mastani

    I was really touched by the dignity that was allowed every character throughout this film, even as some of them made spectacular fools out of themselves in a situation that could easily have felt very lurid. From her very first scene, though, I was waiting with bated breath for more of Priyanka Chopra's Kashibai - her performance was immensely moving, more so than any other in the film imo.

  3. idon'tknow..'s rating of the film Bajirao Mastani

    I liked the first half of the movie, the rest kinda sucked.

  4. merriell's rating of the film Bajirao Mastani

    3.5 Beautifully shot. Should have more scenes of Priyanka and Deepika together.