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  1. Photo of Jean Benoît-Lévy

    Jean Benoît-Lévy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paul Morand

    Paul Morand Screenplay

  3. Photo of Léonce-Henri Burel

    Léonce-Henri Burel Cinematography

  4. Photo of Henri Tiquet

    Henri Tiquet Cinematography

  5. Photo of Yvette Chauviré

    Yvette Chauviré Cast

  6. Photo of Mia Slavenska

    Mia Slavenska Cast

  7. Photo of André Pernet

    André Pernet Cast

  8. Photo of Jeanine Charrat

    Jeanine Charrat Cast

  9. Photo of France Ellys

    France Ellys Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Périer

    Jean Périer Cast

  11. Photo of Mady Berry

    Mady Berry Cast

  12. Photo of Maurice Bacquet

    Maurice Bacquet Cast

  13. Photo of Marguerite Bailly

    Marguerite Bailly Cast

  14. Photo of Edmond Beauchamp

    Edmond Beauchamp Cast

  15. Photo of O. Boboli

    O. Boboli Cast

  16. Photo of Micheline Boudet

    Micheline Boudet Cast

  17. Photo of Mauricette Cebron

    Mauricette Cebron Cast

  18. Photo of Pierre Duprez

    Pierre Duprez Cast

  19. Photo of Suzanne Guémard

    Suzanne Guémard Cast

  20. Photo of Claire Gérard

    Claire Gérard Cast

  21. Photo of Guy Laine

    Guy Laine Cast

  22. Photo of René Lord

    René Lord Cast

  23. Photo of Florence Luchaire

    Florence Luchaire Cast

  24. Photo of Claude Naudès

    Claude Naudès Cast

  25. Photo of Rolla Norman

    Rolla Norman Cast

  26. Photo of Jacqueline Quéffelec

    Jacqueline Quéffelec Cast

  27. Photo of Pierre Sarda

    Pierre Sarda Cast

  28. Photo of Lucien Carré

    Lucien Carré Production Design

  29. Photo of Raymond Nègre

    Raymond Nègre Production Design

  30. Photo of Claude Delvincourt

    Claude Delvincourt Music

  31. Photo of J.E. Szyfer

    J.E. Szyfer Music

  32. Photo of Robert Teisseire

    Robert Teisseire Sound

  33. Photo of Marie Epstein

    Marie Epstein Screenplay