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  1. Photo of Pierre Trividic

    Pierre Trividic Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Jean-Yves Jouannais

    Jean-Yves Jouannais Cast

  3. Photo of Peter Bonke

    Peter Bonke Cast

  4. Photo of Bernard Binet

    Bernard Binet Cast

  5. Photo of Carine Ruszniewski

    Carine Ruszniewski Cast

  6. Photo of Véronique Bayer

    Véronique Bayer Cast

  7. Photo of Fabienne Le Sager

    Fabienne Le Sager Cast

  8. Photo of Xavier Brillat

    Xavier Brillat Cinematography and Director

  9. Photo of Emmanuel Caula

    Emmanuel Caula Cinematography

  10. Photo of Florence Vax

    Florence Vax Production Design and Costume Design

  11. Photo of Patrick Sobelman

    Patrick Sobelman Producer

  12. Photo of Stephane Huter

    Stephane Huter Editing

  13. Photo of Christine Maffre

    Christine Maffre Editing

  14. Photo of Sophie Chiabaut

    Sophie Chiabaut Sound

  15. Photo of André Rigaut

    André Rigaut Sound

  16. Photo of Jean Mallet

    Jean Mallet Sound

  17. Photo of Jean Umansky

    Jean Umansky Sound

  18. Photo of Patrick-Mario Bernard

    Patrick-Mario Bernard Costume Design, Production Design, Director, Cast & 1 more
    Patrick-Mario Bernard Costume Design, Production Design, Director, Cast, Screenplay