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  1. Photo of Paul Harrison

    Paul Harrison Director

  2. Photo of Dermot Boyd

    Dermot Boyd Director

  3. Photo of Simon Massey

    Simon Massey Director

  4. Photo of Richard Standeven

    Richard Standeven Director

  5. Photo of Simon Meyers

    Simon Meyers Director

  6. Photo of Paul Duane

    Paul Duane Director

  7. Photo of Tom Cotter

    Tom Cotter Director

  8. Photo of Mike Cocker

    Mike Cocker Director

  9. Photo of Alan Macmillan

    Alan Macmillan Director

  10. Photo of Peter Lydon

    Peter Lydon Director

  11. Photo of Frank W. Smith

    Frank W. Smith Director

  12. Photo of Chris Clough

    Chris Clough Director

  13. Photo of N.G. Bristow

    N.G. Bristow Director

  14. Photo of Kieran Prendiville

    Kieran Prendiville Screenplay

  15. Photo of Ted Gannon

    Ted Gannon Screenplay

  16. Photo of John Flanagan

    John Flanagan Screenplay

  17. Photo of Andrew McCulloch

    Andrew McCulloch Screenplay

  18. Photo of Stephen Tompkinson

    Stephen Tompkinson Cast

  19. Photo of Dervla Kirwan

    Dervla Kirwan Cast

  20. Photo of Tony Doyle

    Tony Doyle Cast

  21. Photo of Niall Tobin

    Niall Tobin Cast

  22. Photo of Bosco Hogan

    Bosco Hogan Cast

  23. Photo of Gary Whelan

    Gary Whelan Cast

  24. Photo of Peter Caffrey

    Peter Caffrey Cast

  25. Photo of Frankie McCafferty

    Frankie McCafferty Cast

  26. Photo of Joe Savino

    Joe Savino Cast

  27. Photo of Lorcan Cranitch

    Lorcan Cranitch Cast

  28. Photo of Colin Farrell

    Colin Farrell Cast

  29. Photo of Victoria Smurfit

    Victoria Smurfit Cast

  30. Photo of Deirdre Donnelly

    Deirdre Donnelly Cast

  31. Photo of Don Wycherley

    Don Wycherley Cast

  32. Photo of Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor Cast

  33. Photo of Tina Kellegher

    Tina Kellegher Cast

  34. Photo of Conor Harrington

    Conor Harrington Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Alan Moloney

    Alan Moloney Executive Producer