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  1. Charles Coleman's rating of the film Band Aid

    I love this movie. Loved the music, great performances, and it's funny with a lot of heart. So good.

  2. Justin Senkbile's rating of the film Band Aid

  3. Ann Burden's rating of the film Band Aid

  4. bryanvmh's rating of the film Band Aid

    Funny and cute. Relentlessly devoted to a sitcommy understanding of personal growth and interpersonal relationships. Just because Susie Essman acknowledges that her speech about "men and women are different because SCIENCE" is reductive doesn't make it more meaningful. Adam Pally intentionally dying in Super Mario Bros. and then crying about it Was meaningful, tho.

  5. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Band Aid

    While I think the premise of a married couple forming a band to avoid fights/miscarriage talks is kind of hokey, the comedy here is great. The drama is just okay. Despite that, Zoe Lister-Jones puts herself on the comedic talent map as a writer/director/star triple-threat; Fred Armisen is hilarious.

  6. Nuno Marques's rating of the film Band Aid

  7. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Band Aid

    Lister-Jones does a great job at acting, directing and writing (scenes, dialogues, songs...everything) but it is one more of those comedies that changes itself into a heartfelt drama and just cannot recover from the immense tonal shift. I mean, it has a great comedy premise and it has a very intersting drama to explore...but the juggling of these two halves is not very well handed. Also needed more Armisen.

  8. Polyglot's rating of the film Band Aid

    Adam Pally crying while playing Super Mario Bros is literally me.

  9. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Band Aid

    I laughed alot even though the development of the characters is off. It is like they didn't know how to end things so they solved it with a big speech (which would be totally acceptable to most hipster audiences).

  10. Nathan Grey Hollis's rating of the film Band Aid

    There are some trite moments in this film...but all in all it was worth the watch. I would give it a second viewing for sure.

  11. Drew.'s rating of the film Band Aid

    Hilarious and really moving. I'm torn on its treatment of gender. On one hand the portrayal rings very true to a lot of couples. On the other it felt like the film, rather than the characters, was reaching a certain conclusion that felt a bit off. Are the dynamics in the film due to biology or society? I tend to think more the latter. But overall a really great dramedy.

  12. Michael Peer's rating of the film Band Aid

    Band Aid is such a fun, wonderful, hilarious little movie. What Band Aid lacks in grandiosity, it makes up with charm, wit, and humor. Zoe Lister-Jones does a fantastic job both in front and behind the camera. The performances are universally great and the film is fun for all. Like Joshy last year, Band Aid is the funniest film I saw at Sundance 2017. It may also be the most heart warming, loving, and therapeutic.