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Ratings & Reviews

  1. James Mackin's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    It's a lot of this woman suffering, and then being a political leader who acts like a terrorist. It's not bad.

  2. Katherine Lo's rating of the film Bandit Queen

  3. ruthlornaadele's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Ouaf, makes for uncomfortable viewing at times, a tale of suffering without much studio glint

  4. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Brilliant, though difficult to watch. It was only released a short time after Devi's release from prison, and, as a result, feels like it's only told half her story...

  5. goulton green's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Same year production, worlds apart and on Mubi comment score situation is 12:369+. Phoolan Devi was my generation. At age 11 I was a well cared for boy. Watching the movie I despair that at same time somewhere in the world... Around New Year, word revolution I've heard on many occasions from the mouths worlds apart. At 12 here and 369+ for Kill Bill, I am not so optimistic we are working enough for that revolution.

  6. raggiodisole's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Tough watch, violence against a woman on this scale is hard to stomach. Its a good story, but tragic to know it led almost nowhere

  7. Jonny's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Beautiful shots, gripping, tragic, empowering, sad.

  8. Alejandro's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Excellent! Hard story indeed, but wonderfully told, sober no excess of melodrama, well performed by the heroine and secondary cast and beautiful shot.

  9. Charlie_Thomas's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    *read to the tune of Abba's 'Dancing Queen'* "You are the Bandit Queen, young and sweet, only 17!"

  10. Ana Rosa's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    This film should be known widely and not only by Indian audiences. It is not a depiction of the cruelty of a cast system or gender violence in India, but shows the limits to where violence can go to maintain status quo in any society, specially when who dares to upset that power relations are women, they need to be put back in their place by whatever means necessary. Just check domestic violence rates in Europe.

  11. nickolia's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Powerfully simple storytelling. Without expensive special effects or incredible production values, this film was more life-like and gripping than many I've seen.

  12. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    A really interesting, simply told biopic. Long live Phoolan Devi. I believe this film goes not anywhere close to the real suffering. But it is worthy of respect, for bringing the story to our screens, with directness and honesty. The cast is fantastic, little Phoolan (Sunita Bhatt) - what a superstar, the whole story is in her eyes.

  13. Ania Stochaj's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    I don't care what will others say. It is a must see film I think. A must see for everyone to start understanding Indian culture... not the pretty one. The real one, where your destination is created once you are born... in a low caste, being a girl. What will happen if you disagree?

  14. Superfrog's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Worth the watch if a somewhat unpleasant experience. I suspect that an ideological filter has been applied to the story to darken some of the traits, and the reactions of the characters and the lack of community reaction does not match my knowledge of Indian communities (but then this happens on the northern border, which I don't know much about). In the end, a dark story of people chasing violence with violence.

  15. DB59's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Daring, harrowing, astonishing

  16. Rob Horsfall's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    Brutal and graphic depiction of Phoolan Devi's life. Good film to get a sense of the utter injustices of a patriarchal and caste based society.

  17. Sanjib Dey's rating of the film Bandit Queen

    History of Indian cinema can be clearly divided into 2 parts - Pre & Post Bandit Queen. This film was a pioneering one in many ways. No one dealt the crime genre with so much virtuosity before. No one wrote such nasty but earthy dialogues before. No actress dared to perform like Seema Biswas before and no DOP showed the top sunlight like Ashok Mehta before. Shekhar Kapoor's best work till date.