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  1. Photo of Georg Oddner

    Georg Oddner Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sven Christer Swahn

    Sven Christer Swahn Screenplay

  3. Photo of Susan Hampshire

    Susan Hampshire Cast

  4. Photo of Alf Hellberg

    Alf Hellberg Cast

  5. Photo of Kristina Kamnert-Suneson

    Kristina Kamnert-Suneson Cast

  6. Photo of Kristina Karlin

    Kristina Karlin Cast

  7. Photo of Staffan Liljander

    Staffan Liljander Cast

  8. Photo of Yvonne Lombard

    Yvonne Lombard Cast

  9. Photo of Berto Marklund

    Berto Marklund Cast

  10. Photo of Ulf Palme

    Ulf Palme Cast

  11. Photo of Agneta Prytz

    Agneta Prytz Cast

  12. Photo of Håkan Serner

    Håkan Serner Cast

  13. Photo of Beate Ùrskov

    Beate Ùrskov Cast

  14. Photo of Jan Troell

    Jan Troell Cinematography, Editing, Screenplay Director

  15. Photo of Karl-Erik Welin

    Karl-Erik Welin Music

  16. Photo of Bengt Forslund

    Bengt Forslund Producer

  17. Photo of Ulf Darin

    Ulf Darin Sound

  18. Photo of Klas Engström

    Klas Engström Sound