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  1. Photo of Amos Guttman

    Amos Guttman Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Edna Mazia

    Edna Mazia Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eli Tavor

    Eli Tavor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Juliano Mer-Khamis

    Juliano Mer-Khamis Cast

  5. Photo of Irit Sheleg

    Irit Sheleg Cast

  6. Photo of Alon Aboutboul

    Alon Aboutboul Cast

  7. Photo of Mosko Alkalai

    Mosko Alkalai Cast

  8. Photo of Smadar Kilchinsky

    Smadar Kilchinsky Cast

  9. Photo of Ada Tal

    Ada Tal Cast

  10. Photo of David Wilson

    David Wilson Cast

  11. Photo of Rahel Shor

    Rahel Shor Cast

  12. Photo of Yossi Wein

    Yossi Wein Cinematography

  13. Photo of Arik Rudich

    Arik Rudich Music

  14. Photo of Richard Rodgers

    Richard Rodgers Music

  15. Photo of Lorenz Hart

    Lorenz Hart Lyrics

  16. Photo of Ariel Roshko

    Ariel Roshko Production Design and Art Department

  17. Photo of David Lipkind

    David Lipkind Producer

  18. Photo of Enrique Rottenberg

    Enrique Rottenberg Producer

  19. Photo of Tova Asher

    Tova Asher Editing

  20. Photo of David Lis

    David Lis Sound

  21. Photo of Rona Doron

    Rona Doron Costume Design