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  1. Photo of Carlos Alberto Diniz

    Carlos Alberto Diniz Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Martha Alencar

    Martha Alencar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Armando Costa

    Armando Costa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Euclydes Marinho

    Euclydes Marinho Screenplay

  5. Photo of Edgar Moura

    Edgar Moura Cinematography

  6. Photo of Marília Pêra

    Marília Pêra Cast

  7. Photo of Hugo Carvana

    Hugo Carvana Cast, Director, Screenplay

  8. Photo of Paulo César Peréio

    Paulo César Peréio Cast

  9. Photo of Sylvia Bandeira

    Sylvia Bandeira Cast

  10. Photo of Cotinha

    Cotinha Cast

  11. Photo of Marga Abi Ramia

    Marga Abi Ramia Cast

  12. Photo of Vera Aché

    Vera Aché Cast

  13. Photo of Márcia Aguiar

    Márcia Aguiar Cast

  14. Photo of Muri

    Muri Cast

  15. Photo of Paulo Antônio

    Paulo Antônio Cast

  16. Photo of Eliana Araujo

    Eliana Araujo Cast

  17. Photo of Denise Bandeira

    Denise Bandeira Cast, Screenplay

  18. Photo of Nilson Barbosa

    Nilson Barbosa Cast

  19. Photo of Catalina Bonakie

    Catalina Bonakie Cast

  20. Photo of Júlio Braga

    Júlio Braga Cast

  21. Photo of Divana Brandão

    Divana Brandão Cast

  22. Photo of João Brandão

    João Brandão Cast

  23. Photo of Katia Bronstein

    Katia Bronstein Cast

  24. Photo of Tessy Callado

    Tessy Callado Cast

  25. Photo of Ursula Canto

    Ursula Canto Cast

  26. Photo of Louise Cardoso

    Louise Cardoso Cast

  27. Photo of Balu Carvalho

    Balu Carvalho Cast

  28. Photo of Antônio Francisco Chaves

    Antônio Francisco Chaves Cast

  29. Photo of Newton Couto

    Newton Couto Cast

  30. Photo of Maria Cristina Gatti

    Maria Cristina Gatti Cast

  31. Photo of Candido Damm

    Candido Damm Cast

  32. Photo of Nelson Dantas

    Nelson Dantas Cast

  33. Photo of Paulo de Tarso

    Paulo de Tarso Cast

  34. Photo of Lina do Carno

    Lina do Carno Cast

  35. Photo of Haylton Farias

    Haylton Farias Cast

  36. Photo of Daniel Filho

    Daniel Filho Cast

  37. Photo of Alvaro Freire

    Alvaro Freire Cast

  38. Photo of Adalberto Freitas

    Adalberto Freitas Cast

  39. Photo of Maria Gladys

    Maria Gladys Cast

  40. Photo of José Carlos Gondin

    José Carlos Gondin Cast

  41. Photo of Carlos Gregório

    Carlos Gregório Cast

  42. Photo of Wilson Grey

    Wilson Grey Cast

  43. Photo of Hélio Guerra

    Hélio Guerra Cast

  44. Photo of Luiz Fernando Guimarães

    Luiz Fernando Guimarães Cast

  45. Photo of Rubem José

    Rubem José Cast

  46. Photo of Fábio Junqueira

    Fábio Junqueira Cast

  47. Photo of Lúcia Lima

    Lúcia Lima Cast

  48. Photo of Oswaldo Loureiro

    Oswaldo Loureiro Cast