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  1. Photo of Aleksandr Rou

    Aleksandr Rou Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mikhail Chuprin

    Mikhail Chuprin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vasili Zhukovsky

    Vasili Zhukovsky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mikhail Pugovkin

    Mikhail Pugovkin Cast

  5. Photo of Georgiy Millyar

    Georgiy Millyar Cast

  6. Photo of Anatoli Kubatsky

    Anatoli Kubatsky Cast

  7. Photo of Lidiya Korolyova

    Lidiya Korolyova Cast

  8. Photo of Aleksei Katyshev

    Aleksei Katyshev Cast

  9. Photo of Sergey Nikolaev

    Sergey Nikolaev Cast

  10. Photo of Tatyana Klyuyeva

    Tatyana Klyuyeva Cast

  11. Photo of Varvara Popova

    Varvara Popova Cast

  12. Photo of Aleksandr Khvylya

    Aleksandr Khvylya Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Sichkin

    Boris Sichkin Cast

  14. Photo of Valentina Ananina

    Valentina Ananina Cast

  15. Photo of Vera Petrova

    Vera Petrova Cast

  16. Photo of Anastasiya Zuyeva

    Anastasiya Zuyeva Cast

  17. Photo of Vera Altayskaya

    Vera Altayskaya Cast

  18. Photo of Dmitri Surensky

    Dmitri Surensky Cinematography

  19. Photo of Arkadi Filippenko

    Arkadi Filippenko Music

  20. Photo of A. Ivashchenko

    A. Ivashchenko Production Design

  21. Photo of Arseni Klopotovsky

    Arseni Klopotovsky Production Design

  22. Photo of Anatoli Dikan

    Anatoli Dikan Sound