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  1. Photo of Oswaldo de Oliveira

    Oswaldo de Oliveira Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Marta Anderson

    Marta Anderson Cast

  3. Photo of Maria Stella Splendore

    Maria Stella Splendore Cast

  4. Photo of Danielle Ferrite

    Danielle Ferrite Cast

  5. Photo of Neide Ribeiro

    Neide Ribeiro Cast

  6. Photo of Sonia Regina

    Sonia Regina Cast

  7. Photo of Marliane Gomes

    Marliane Gomes Cast

  8. Photo of Nadia Destro

    Nadia Destro Cast

  9. Photo of Marcia Fraga

    Marcia Fraga Cast

  10. Photo of Meiry Vieira

    Meiry Vieira Cast

  11. Photo of Estudios Galante

    Estudios Galante Music

  12. Photo of José Pereira da Silva

    José Pereira da Silva Production Design

  13. Photo of Alexandre Adamin

    Alexandre Adamin Producer

  14. Photo of Antonio Polo Galante

    Antonio Polo Galante Producer

  15. Photo of Roberto P. Galante

    Roberto P. Galante Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Plínio G. Sanches

    Plínio G. Sanches Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Gilberto Wagner

    Gilberto Wagner Editing

  18. Photo of Orlando Macedo

    Orlando Macedo Sound