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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Atmospheric Gothic Mario Bavia horror film has great castle interiors and his usual atmospheric touch. It is a movie clearly made to Vincent Price's talents but Joseph Cotten do an okay replacement as he clearly enjoys his time in the spotlight as a baddie. Sadly some of the story drags like the baron's corpse, the male actor is bad and Elke Sommer's hysterical screams annoy me. Still I like a lot of the film too.

  2. Patricia's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Why one shouldn't play around with things one does not know about...

  3. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Not the best Bava but creepy enough to enjoy.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Une oeuvre fort bienvenue dans la filmographie tourmentée de Mario Bava, comportant quelques scènes plutôt réjouissantes et qui nous fait oublier certaines lourdes médiocrités antérieures du transalpin réalisateur...

  5. Jason's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Fun and frivolity, sure. I think at a certain point in one's life, this sort of high camp becomes less thrilling and more sort of passingly amusing. But what are you gonna do? Sure is a pleasure to see Joseph Cotten vamping it up real absurd-like. Gothic horror really ought to be done absurd. A straight face would never suit such material. Still: Bava has a way of selling the shit out of this stuff. I grinned some.

  6. spacemadness's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Baron Blood has all the classic Italian horror iconography you come to expect when watching a Mario Bava movie. Beautiful cinematography, supernatural phenomena deal with the occult and witchcraft, and fun and quirky soundtrack. While not his best movie, it is still a captivating moving with a slow but suspenseful narrative.

  7. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Baron Blood

    Even the Blu-Ray can't save this film. Nice colours, nice fog, nice miniskirt, nice fires but pretty weak screenplay. Already forgotten.

  8. Log Lady's rating of the film Baron Blood

    I kind of agree with all the criticism here, but even at his worst Bava manages to entertain. Visually a bit more restrained than one would hope, but still a few good scenes with mysterious figures and fog, not to mention the dizzy feeling you get from the staircase scenes. Overall quite lazy, though, and I wasn't too excited about the script. Nevertheless, a good choice for a lazy night at home.

  9. film_lies101's rating of the film Baron Blood

    One of Bava's misfires, the direction seems to imply that he was not interested in the material in the least. The performances of the leads are flat and don't have any chemistry. Joseph Cotton is particularly miscast, he seems to be doing a (very bad) Vincent Price impression. Bava goes off with the zoom lens, one area he usually shows restraint. Atmosphere is generic and recycled sets are tedious. Sounds harsh I kno

  10. Arf's rating of the film Baron Blood

  11. klofter's rating of the film Baron Blood

    very minor Bava. Even the visuals fall flat.

  12. Ezra Winton's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Elke Sommers, rampant abuse of rack focus, dry ice and close-ups almost save this trashy Bava, but not quite.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Well told thriller from Mario Bava that has a vicious count 300 years deceased brought back to life through the evocation of a witches spell. Fairly gory and well paced though performances are a little under whelming.

  14. dana danger's rating of the film Baron Blood

    this gets an extra star for a pretty out there seance/ritual scene.

  15. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Baron Blood

    Not one of Mario Bava's best. It's as stylish as you'd expect from a Bava gothic horror film, but burdened by an uninspired script. Reasonably entertaining for fans of Italian horror, but a far cry from Bava's masterpieces.