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  1. Photo of Gordon Douglas

    Gordon Douglas Director

  2. Photo of George Schneck

    George Schneck Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Marks

    William Marks Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marie Gomez

    Marie Gomez Cast

  5. Photo of Armando Silvestre

    Armando Silvestre Cast

  6. Photo of John Davis Chandler

    John Davis Chandler Cast

  7. Photo of Craig Littler

    Craig Littler Cast

  8. Photo of Ed Bakey

    Ed Bakey Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Lapp

    Richard Lapp Cast

  10. Photo of Harry Lauter

    Harry Lauter Cast

  11. Photo of Lee Van Cleef

    Lee Van Cleef Cast

  12. Photo of Warren Oates

    Warren Oates Cast

  13. Photo of Forrest Tucker

    Forrest Tucker Cast

  14. Photo of Kerwin Matthews

    Kerwin Matthews Cast

  15. Photo of Mariette Hartley

    Mariette Hartley Cast

  16. Photo of Gerald Perry Finnerman

    Gerald Perry Finnerman Cinematography

  17. Photo of Dominic Frontiere

    Dominic Frontiere Music

  18. Photo of Hal Klein

    Hal Klein Producer

  19. Photo of Aubrey Scheck

    Aubrey Scheck Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Charles Nelson

    Charles Nelson Editing

  21. Photo of Ray Phelps

    Ray Phelps Costume Design