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  1. Photo of Uwe Boll

    Uwe Boll Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frank Lustig

    Frank Lustig Screenplay, Director Producer

  3. Photo of Michael Rasmussen

    Michael Rasmussen Cast

  4. Photo of Peter Schwab

    Peter Schwab Cast

  5. Photo of Karl-Friedrich Gerster

    Karl-Friedrich Gerster Cast

  6. Photo of Bernd Rieser

    Bernd Rieser Cast

  7. Photo of Ludger Burmann

    Ludger Burmann Cast

  8. Photo of Gereon Nußbaum

    Gereon Nußbaum Cast

  9. Photo of Sigrid Janzing

    Sigrid Janzing Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Eckes

    Richard Eckes Cinematography

  11. Photo of Uwe Spies

    Uwe Spies Music

  12. Photo of Martin Armknecht

    Martin Armknecht Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Markus Dück

    Markus Dück Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Rolf Kanies

    Rolf Kanies Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Mareile Marx

    Mareile Marx Editing

  16. Photo of Katharina Beiam

    Katharina Beiam Editing

  17. Photo of Frank Richter

    Frank Richter Sound

  18. Photo of Martin Temme

    Martin Temme Sound

  19. Photo of Joachim Kühn

    Joachim Kühn Sound