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  1. Photo of David McMahon

    David McMahon Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lynn Novick

    Lynn Novick Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Chancellor

    John Chancellor Cast

  4. Photo of George Will

    George Will Cast

  5. Photo of Buck O'Neil

    Buck O'Neil Cast

  6. Photo of Vin Scully

    Vin Scully Cast

  7. Photo of Babe Ruth

    Babe Ruth Cast

  8. Photo of Bob Costas

    Bob Costas Cast

  9. Photo of Bud Abbott

    Bud Abbott Cast

  10. Photo of Lou Costello

    Lou Costello Cast

  11. Photo of David Caruso

    David Caruso Cast

  12. Photo of Ed Harris

    Ed Harris Cast

  13. Photo of Julie Harris

    Julie Harris Cast

  14. Photo of Reverend Jesse Jackson

    Reverend Jesse Jackson Cast

  15. Photo of Aidan Quinn

    Aidan Quinn Cast

  16. Photo of Keith David

    Keith David Cast

  17. Photo of M. Emmet Walsh

    M. Emmet Walsh Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Newman

    Paul Newman Cast

  19. Photo of Ken Burns

    Ken Burns Executive Producer, Screenplay Director

  20. Photo of David Cieri

    David Cieri Music

  21. Photo of Yaffa Lerea

    Yaffa Lerea Editing

  22. Photo of Jason Robards

    Jason Robards Cast

  23. Photo of Eli Wallach

    Eli Wallach Cast

  24. Photo of Doris Kearns Goodwin

    Doris Kearns Goodwin Cast

  25. Photo of Ossie Davis

    Ossie Davis Cast

  26. Photo of Mickey Mantle

    Mickey Mantle Cast