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  1. Alex's rating of the film Bashing

  2. John Nejady's rating of the film Bashing

    Credits rolled and I hoped the ostracism displayed was uber-dramatised but sadly I dont think thats the case. Grim affair, grim mood. Good film....

  3. David Stein's rating of the film Bashing

  4. EastyBoy's rating of the film Bashing

    Brilliant film, I don't know why it's not better known. The lead actress was astounding and she brilliantly conveyed the almost hopeless situation her character was in. It's hard to even comprehend what it must feel like to live like that.

  5. Lthm2's rating of the film Bashing

    A pretty average movie which always hesitate to go somewhere. As an european, I had a hard time feeling the premice and most of the time it didn't make sense to me even if i accepted it. I loved the actress but she looks more mentally ill than anything else, I don't know if that was a point. I'm really wodering why this film even exists.

  6. Irreversible93's rating of the film Bashing

    Definitely one of the more powerful films I've watched in awhile. The acting is incredible; I never considered the actress to be acting at all - it felt like she was real; like this was her life. Stunning cinematography as well. Kobayashi did a superb job telling this overwhelmingly tragic story. The only reason I can't see myself watching it again is because of the strong, lingering emotional impact it had on me

  7. Allen Oliver's rating of the film Bashing

    By the end of this movie you will have walked in this woman's shoes. Brilliant acting.

  8. Leonardo Barrientos's rating of the film Bashing

    The Japanese social ostracism, pointed out by Mark Schilling in his article, has always been difficult for me to understand as a western, but what makes this film one to remember is the capacity that it has to let you share the feeling of isolation and exclusion of Yuko. Two thumbs up for Fusako Urabe's interpretation.