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  1. Photo of Masami Obari

    Masami Obari Director

  2. Photo of Daisuke Gōri

    Daisuke Gōri Cast

  3. Photo of Kyoko Hikami

    Kyoko Hikami Cast

  4. Photo of Kikuko Inoue

    Kikuko Inoue Cast

  5. Photo of Yukimasa Kishino

    Yukimasa Kishino Cast

  6. Photo of Tomokazu Seki

    Tomokazu Seki Cast

  7. Photo of Ikuo Nishikawa

    Ikuo Nishikawa Cast

  8. Photo of Bin Shimada

    Bin Shimada Cast

  9. Photo of Nagateru Kato

    Nagateru Kato Producer

  10. Photo of Takayuki Nagasawa

    Takayuki Nagasawa Producer

  11. Photo of Masahito Yamashita

    Masahito Yamashita Animation