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  1. Photo of Benito Casagrande

    Benito Casagrande Cast

  2. Photo of Helena Soiri-Snellman

    Helena Soiri-Snellman Cast

  3. Photo of Pekka Pitkänen

    Pekka Pitkänen Cast

  4. Photo of Suvi Auvinen

    Suvi Auvinen Cast

  5. Photo of Jouko Aaltonen

    Jouko Aaltonen Director, Screenplay Producer

  6. Photo of Rauno Lahtinen

    Rauno Lahtinen Screenplay

  7. Photo of Olli Vesala

    Olli Vesala Screenplay

  8. Photo of Markku Kopisto

    Markku Kopisto Music

  9. Photo of Pekka Aine

    Pekka Aine Cinematography

  10. Photo of Tuula Mehtonen

    Tuula Mehtonen Editing

  11. Photo of Martti Turunen

    Martti Turunen Sound