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  1. Photo of Anthony B. Unger

    Anthony B. Unger Producer

  2. Photo of Henry T. Weinstein

    Henry T. Weinstein Producer

  3. Photo of Steve Previn

    Steve Previn Producer

  4. Photo of Stevan Bulajić

    Stevan Bulajić Screenplay

  5. Photo of Veljko Bulajic

    Veljko Bulajic Screenplay and Director

  6. Photo of Ratko Djurović

    Ratko Djurović Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ugo Pirro

    Ugo Pirro Screenplay

  8. Photo of Tomislav Pinter

    Tomislav Pinter Cinematography

  9. Photo of Sergei Bondarchuk

    Sergei Bondarchuk Cast

  10. Photo of Yul Brynner

    Yul Brynner Cast

  11. Photo of Curd Jürgens

    Curd Jürgens Cast

  12. Photo of Bata Živojinović

    Bata Živojinović Cast

  13. Photo of Sylva Koscina

    Sylva Koscina Cast

  14. Photo of Boris Dvornik

    Boris Dvornik Cast

  15. Photo of Hardy Krüger

    Hardy Krüger Cast

  16. Photo of Franco Nero

    Franco Nero Cast

  17. Photo of Lojze Rozman

    Lojze Rozman Cast

  18. Photo of Ljubiša Samardžić

    Ljubiša Samardžić Cast

  19. Photo of Orson Welles

    Orson Welles Cast

  20. Photo of Milena Dravić

    Milena Dravić Cast

  21. Photo of Pavle Vuisić

    Pavle Vuisić Cast

  22. Photo of Fabijan Šovagović

    Fabijan Šovagović Cast

  23. Photo of Anthony Dawson

    Anthony Dawson Cast

  24. Photo of Dusan Bulajic

    Dusan Bulajic Cast

  25. Photo of Howard Ross

    Howard Ross Cast

  26. Photo of Oleg Vidov

    Oleg Vidov Cast

  27. Photo of Kole Angelovski

    Kole Angelovski Cast

  28. Photo of Stole Aranđelović

    Stole Aranđelović Cast

  29. Photo of Demeter Bitenc

    Demeter Bitenc Cast

  30. Photo of Faruk Begolli

    Faruk Begolli Cast

  31. Photo of Vojislav 'Vanja' Bjenjaš

    Vojislav 'Vanja' Bjenjaš Editing

  32. Photo of Roberto Perpignani

    Roberto Perpignani Editing

  33. Photo of Dusan Jericevic

    Dusan Jericevic Production Design

  34. Photo of Vladimir Tadej

    Vladimir Tadej Costume Design and Production Design