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  1. Photo of Jean Beaudin

    Jean Beaudin Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Billon

    Pierre Billon Screenplay

  3. Photo of Noémie Godin-Vigneau

    Noémie Godin-Vigneau Cast

  4. Photo of David La Haye

    David La Haye Cast

  5. Photo of Sébastien Huberdeau

    Sébastien Huberdeau Cast

  6. Photo of Irène Jacob

    Irène Jacob Cast

  7. Photo of Jason Isaacs

    Jason Isaacs Cast

  8. Photo of Colm Meaney

    Colm Meaney Cast

  9. Photo of Tim Roth

    Tim Roth Cast

  10. Photo of Gérard Depardieu

    Gérard Depardieu Cast

  11. Photo of Juliette Gosselin

    Juliette Gosselin Cast

  12. Photo of Vincent Perez

    Vincent Perez Cast

  13. Photo of Bianca Gervais

    Bianca Gervais Cast

  14. Photo of Pierre Lebeau

    Pierre Lebeau Cast

  15. Photo of Isabel Richer

    Isabel Richer Cast

  16. Photo of Johanne-Marie Tremblay

    Johanne-Marie Tremblay Cast

  17. Photo of Patrick Goyette

    Patrick Goyette Cast

  18. Photo of Louis de Ernsted

    Louis de Ernsted Cinematography

  19. Photo of Patrick Doyle

    Patrick Doyle Music

  20. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Tard

    Jean-Baptiste Tard Production Design

  21. Photo of Richard Goudreau

    Richard Goudreau Producer

  22. Photo of Samuel Hadida

    Samuel Hadida Producer

  23. Photo of Robert Sidaway

    Robert Sidaway Producer

  24. Photo of Antony Blakey

    Antony Blakey Executive Producer

  25. Photo of David Gordian

    David Gordian Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Leslie Jean Porter

    Leslie Jean Porter Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Ashley Sidaway

    Ashley Sidaway Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Jonathan Vanger

    Jonathan Vanger Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Jean-François Bergeron

    Jean-François Bergeron Editing

  30. Photo of Yves Langlois

    Yves Langlois Editing