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  1. R. J. Yelverton's rating of the film Battle Royale

    Gory, excessively sentimental. Interesting. Not very good.

  2. Sexy Beast's rating of the film Battle Royale

    Fun concept but with just an ok execution. All in all it's kind of entertaining and worth a watch.

  3. Joe Bowman's rating of the film Battle Royale

    Absolute trash. What's worse? It throws on a sappy ending that was exceedingly more offensive than any of the violence therein.

  4. Jeremy Hyler's rating of the film Battle Royale

    One of the films that defined me as a young adult and film-maker. after seeing it I wanted to breathe this film. I wanted to write a film like it. I enjoy this film in a different way now.

  5. Maicol Andrés Ordoñez's rating of the film Battle Royale

    I agree with Pierluigi in the sense that hailing Battle Royal is a ridiculously stupid waste of critical thought. Berating it is too though in a sense since this movie should be regarded as little more than a silly cartoon.

  6. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Battle Royale

    The usual overrated nipponese blood feast. I can't understand most people's obsession with nonsensical, worthless violence, and to worse degree, to see it in a pseudo critic to society, reality shows, moral values of the teenagers, or whatever moronic and empty excuse they had to make it. A pretentious and unbearably silly caricature.

  7. Adam Friedman's rating of the film Battle Royale

    much better than the pornographic manga it's based on. pretty surreal throughout, and takes a hilarious turn towards the impossible at the end. i think this is my favorite beat takeshi movie i've seen thus far. does anyone know if "battle royale 2" is worth watching?

  8. Jennifer Christensen's rating of the film Battle Royale

    When my friend described this movie I should see called "Battle Royale" about students on an island who have to kill each other, I immediately felt like it wasn't going to be for me. However, I was feeling particularly open minded and I'm so glad I gave it a shot. It's hard for me to find the words to describe why I think you should see this movie but, you definitely should. It's a phenomenon.

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